Thermal anomaly and landslide: The destruction of the hill in the Khabarovsk Territory

The partial fall of falling into the Bayuria river in the Wherkhneburrensky district of the Khabarovsk region was due to natural causes, the scientists noted. Researchers do not confirm the version of the media that the fall of the meteorite can cause an emergency situation. At the same time, Planet SIC of Space Hydromatology said that, thanks to satellite images, they were able to identify a thermal discrepancy in the field of incident. The Ministry of Emergency Affairs reported that on December 25, there was a fixed inspection of the scene by the Interdescription Commission. In the interview of RT, experts believe that due to the high temperature drop, landslides can occur in Khabarovsk region.

An analysis of satellite data allowed scientists to identify a thermal anomaly in the area of ​​overlap of Bayurya channel in the district of Warkhnebursky in the Khabarovsk region. It is said on the website of the state’s scientific research center for space hydrometorology “Planet”.

Center experts concluded on December 9 and 12 on the basis of multi-temporal data of the Earth’s remote sensing satellite Sentinel-2n. Scientists have identified significant landscape changes that occur near the channel of the river during this time period, above the reservoir. Specifically, in the picture of December 12, the upper part of the hill is missing.

“Absence can be judged by a clear, rectangular, close contour, deep contour: A deep tone indicates that the contiguous region in the contour is less because it is less illuminated by the Sun than the surrounding hills. Even in this, the shadow of this hill is completely different, “the message says.

In addition, there is a change in the cover of the earth. So, there is water at the bottom of the completely frozen river. Scientists believe that the action of rocks could cause snow to be defective.

According to Planet Research and Development, “An additional analysis of the 10-minute images of the Himalayan-8 spacecraft revealed a thermal discrepancy in this area, which will be available at local time (December 11, 23:50 GMT ). Center says the website

The information received was immediately transferred to Roshydromet, the Ministry of Emergency Ministry of Russia, the post of President in the Far East Federal District, Government of Khabarovsk region, Roussin and Amur Water Basin Department.

On the eve of the Khabarovsk region media, it was reported that a meteoroid collapsed in the area of ​​the Bureau river in the Khabarovsk region. As a result of the incident, the hill was destroyed, the ground blocked the river bed.

However, Yuri Levine, head of the Sakhalin branch of the Unified Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has not confirmed this data. According to him, seismic sensors will reveal the effects of an astronomical body on Earth.

At the same time, the company RussiaHedro told that the campaign of electric engineers had already visited the site of the dam and ensured that the river was almost completely blocked as a result of landslides.

“Water is still sufficient in the reservoir to provide the required amount of electricity. Overlapping of the river by a rock mass, which was built in a remote area about 100 km from the hydroelectric station, currently does not affect the operation of the station, “the company explained.

HPS experts calculate the options for operating the power plant, on the basis of the various scenarios of dam damages along the way.
When the water gets dry, because the heat is still hot, voids are formed, and as a result some soil can fall through them. And there are actually thermal anomalies, but it is difficult for me to say that unless we have any measurements, “he said.

In turn, the theory of earthquake prediction and Peter Sheblin, chief researcher of the RAS Institute of Mathematical Geophysics, believes that significant differences between day and night temperatures can be a condition for an easily landslide.

Since there was no meteorite by seismic stations, neither earthquake – serious shocks were recorded, then it was a smooth decline. Thermal exposure is one of the potential mechanisms to accelerate this process, but thermal processes are still slow. Of course, daily fluctuations in temperature, if they are too large, can be affected, because the rock material increases with increasing temperature and shrinks with decrease, causing cracks to arise. It remained to give a little more push, so that could eventually slip. This can, of course, be loosened by daily fluctuations in temperature, if they were too large, “The expert stressed in an interview with RT.

The site survey was also done by a working group, which includes representatives from Czechunda village of Warkhanburiński district, rescuers of local search and rescue teams, as well as specialist in Bureau of Hydroelectric Station in the Amur region. Along with this, it is emphasized that the situation for Khabarovsk region is under the control of the Crisis Management Center of Russia’s EMERCOM Chief Administration.

“On 25 December 2018, inspection of a dumping ground with representatives of interested departments, including the Russian Ministry of Emergency, has been inspected by an interdisciplinary commission. After assessing the situation, experts will decide on further necessary measures, “the ministry said.

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